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Childbirth and Breastfeeding Education

A Great Start

The Gibson Area Hospital Obstetrics Department offers a wide range of family education programs that are offered to help you and your family prepare for your baby’s arrival, including:


Childbirth Education and Breastfeeding Class

This interactive class will assist expectant mothers and their coaches to prepare for the birth of their child. Topics covered, but not limited to include, what to expect during your hospital stay, caring for your new baby, care of the mother before, during and after delivery, the need for increased communication between mother and coach, explaining the different pain control options, and nutrition options for your infant . You will also go on a tour of the OB department so you become familiar with the surroundings before you come to deliver. The class is offered every other month beginning in January and meets on  Tuesday nights.  The childbirth class meets the first three nights and the breastfeeding class meets the fourth night. The hours are from 7pm-9pm at Gibson Area Hospital. There is no fee for mothers who will be delivering at G.A.H. The cost for mothers not delivering at G.A.H is $50.00. The class in instructed by a Certified Childbirth Educator.  For more information contact the OB department at 217-784-2510.


Upcoming Schedule for childbirth classes in 2021:


May 3rd, 17th, and 24th 6p-8p

July 5th, 12th, and 19th 6p-8p

September 7th, 13th, and 20th 6p-8p

November 1st, 8th, and 15th 6p-8p



Upcoming Schedule for breastfeeding classes in 2021:


June 1st (for May class) 6p-8p

July 26th 6p-8p

September 27th 6p-8p

November 22nd 6p-8p




Contact the OB department at 217-784-2510.


Safe Sitter Classes

Safe Sitter® teaches adolescent babysitters how to handle emergent situations, how to keep their charges secure, and how to nurture and guide a young child. In short, Safe Sitter® babysitters help children stay safe and sound while their parents are away. In the process, these 11-14-year-olds emerge as more confident, responsible and compassionate teens and adults. Their instructors thrive on making a difference in the lives of these adolescents and the children in their care. And their sponsoring Safe Sitter® site enjoys the benefits of developing a positive relationship with its community's youth and families. The cost of the course is $35.  For more information or to sign up contact the OB department at 217-784-2510.


Safe Sitter Classes will meet from 9am-4pm at Gibson Area Hospital in the East Boardroom, located in the hospital basement.


2021 Safe Sitter Class Dates: To Be Determined






Breastfeeding Education Class

This interactive class will assist expecting mothers and their support person to help understand breastfeeding. Topics covered include, but are not limited; how breastfeeding works, latching on and positioning, when to feed your baby, getting enough milk, breast care, and breastfeeding lifestyle. This class is taught by one of our certified lactation counselors and is offered every other month on the 4th Monday or Tuesday of the month from 7pm-9pm at Gibson Area Hospital.  There is no charge for mothers who will be delivering at G.A.H.  The cost for mothers not delivering at G.A.H is $20.00.  For more information about the breastfeeding class please call the Gibson Area Hospital OB Department at 217-784-2510. 


Certified Lactation Counselors Assistance

The OB Dept currently has five Certified Lactation Counselors and one International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. The CLCs will visit you while you are in the hospital and assist you with any breastfeeding needs you may have. Once you go home, you may to call the OB department at 217-784-2510, anytime night or day with questions or to set up a time to meet with a CLC if problems or questions arise.


Women, Infants and Children's Services

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